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Parents, connect to Abbotts Creek Elementary Art Room using Artsonia to receive important updates about your child's art class activities. Each student has a digital portfolio of their artwork that will stay with them from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Artsonia is a great way to share student artwork with family and friends, no matter the distance.

Welcome to the Abbotts Creek Elementary School Visual Arts Website!

ACES Art Club

The ACES Art Club is an independent choice-based creative environment for students to explore different types of art-making activities. Each week the students choose the activities on which they will focus. If a student likes a specific activity, like Origami, they may focus on that for multiple weeks; or they may try something new and different every week. As the students freely create and explore, they can connect with students from other classes who have similar artistic interests. The ACES Art Club students meet once a week, on Tuesdays, Wednesday, OR Thursday from 8:30-9:00a.m. Art Club is open to 2nd-5th Grade students. Students who are interested in Art Club should obtain an application in the Art Room and return it to Mr. Imfeld.

Gifts of Gold 2023

Congratulations to Paige in Mrs. Holloman's class for representing Abbotts Creek Elementary in this years Gifts of Gold Art Exhibit. Her artwork will be on display at the Martin Marietta Center for Performing Arts during the Pieces of Gold Celebration on March 1, 2023.

Marbles Kids Museum Art Show

December 6th-January 1st

Congratulations to the students who have their artwork on display in the Kids Art Gallery at Marbles Kids Museum.

5th Grade: "A Portal to..."- The 5th graders created the illusion of a tunnel or portal to an unknown destination.  Then they added objects floating along the path.

3rd Grade: "Figure Drawing Party"- The 3rd graders practiced drawing realistically proportioned figures and  applying their knowledge of bones and joints. Then they used a variety of colors to liven up the design.

2nd Grade: "Musical Abstraction"- The 2nd Graders used the Elements of Art (Line, Shape, & Color) to imagine what Classical and Jazz Music might look like if we could see sound. They tried to capture the essence of the music in their paintings.

Gifts of Gold 2022

Congratulations to Zoe in Mrs. Holt's class for representing Abbotts Creek Elementary in this years Gifts of Gold visual art display. Her artwork will be on view at Crabtree Valley Mall through a digital art presentation, and will also be part of the Gifts of Gold art exhibit at Pullen Arts Center.

Meet Mr. Imfeld, the Art Teacher at Abbotts Creek Elementary School.

About Mr. Imfeld

Mr. Imfeld was born in Beaufort, South Carolina. His parents are retired United States Marines. Mr. Imfeld has lived in many states, attended many new schools, and learned from many different Art teachers. His favorite subject has always been Art, but he was pretty good at math too. Mr. Imfeld went to college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. In college, he studied Art Education and Printmaking. Before coming to Abbotts Creek, he was the Art Teacher at Millbrook Elementary Magnet School for ten years.  Mr. Imfeld loves to participate in the local art community and regularly shows his artwork around the area. His artwork has been included in various exhibitions around the south, and has even appeared in the New Yorker magazine.

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